• I'm wanna know why I'm here. I want to find my purpose and live my dreams. Do you help with that?

    You're in the right place. I had the same issue many years ago myself so I trained heavily in Life Purpose, Vision and Manifestation Coaching. For the past 20 years, I've supported many people just like you who are now living their purpose. A few ways to get started: Begin with my Manifest with Purpose mini-course and then join Manifest with Heart for deeper, more intense work through accountability and empowerment sessions.

  • I have tons of Limiting Beliefs, loads of self-doubt, and even Imposter Syndrome. Can you help me break free of this?

    Yippie, these are my favorite issues to tackle! The main ways I help you overcome Limiting Beliefs, self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome are through EFT Tapping, Future Self Visualization and helping you understand your Human Design. Check out my Imposter Syndrome Recovery Services as well as my signature program, Manifest with Heart to move through these issues.

  • Who do you mainly work with?

    Mostly creatives, visionaries, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and spiritual women are attracted to my services. Over the years of having my practice, I've worked with lots of Life Coaches, healers, podcasters, solopreneurs, practitioners, writers, artists, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and women in the corporate arena who are ready to leave their job for something more fulfilling. Pretty much 99% of my clients know they have a HUGE calling but have felt paralyzed when trying to share their magic with the world. We spend a lot of time doing behavior-replacement techniques while waking up your Future Self so you can lead from more empowered energy versus leading from your inner wounded child who's been holding you back. Before you know it, oftentimes just after a few sessions, you're feeling different, more empowered, and taking the steps necessary to share your mission and purpose in your world.

  • Somebody told me about your Manifest with Heart 6-month manifesting academy. Who can join and why should I?

    Anybody can join who's ready to to some deep work around why you're not living your vision, mission and purpose. Manifest with Heart is for those who are truly ready to get clear on their vision, have a high impact in the world, and lead from a legacy-mindset. If you feel you have a big calling but aren't living it out, this program gives you the exercises necessary to make it happen. There's course material, homework, in-person sessions via Zoom, a private Whatsapp group for constant brainstorming, accountability, and empowerment. There's no way to slack in this program---if you really want to make your dreams come true and live your life on your terms and by your design, this is the program for you.

  • What's the difference between your Manifest with Purpose and Manifest with Heart programs?

    Great question! Manifest with Purpose is a done-for-you, pre-recorded little mini-course. It has five modules which include full TVM sessions. TVM is my 3-step method to live your purpose with ease, confidence, and joy. TVM = Tap-Visualize-Magnetize. Manifest with Purpose is a highly comprehensive self-paced mini-course complete with worksheets, EFT Tapping scripts, as well as a companion workbook journal. There is no 1:1 coaching and no group coaching with this program thus it is super economically friendly at just 37 euros/$38. In Manifest with Purpose, you learn my 3-step method along with the 11 fundamentals of Manifesting and how to apply those fundamentals through my 3-step method. It's in introductory course. Manifest with Heart is a 6-month academy that builds upon and deepens the work of Manifest with Purpose with monthly coaching sessions, a private Whatsapp group, and course material through recorded videos, exercises, activities, and course manual and workbook. This program provides you motivation, accountability, inspiration and empowerment. You get to practice what you learn directly with me and others whereas with Manifest with Purpose, you're going at it alone.