Terms and Conditions


understand that while I’ve chosen to work with Laurie A. Santos, aka Life Coach Laurie, whether that is in one-to-one private sessions, group EFT tapping sessions, Live demos on social platforms, or in group programs such as, Manifest with Heart or Manifest with Light, I am still responsible for my own health (mental, emotional physical, relational, and financial health) and wellbeing. I also understand that Coaching is not therapy nor consulting. Coaching is not a modality that provides therapeutic services nor advice. While Laurie A. Santos may occasionally make recommendations and/or provide resources, she reserves the right to stop services or refer me to a therapist if our coaching services show indicators of the need for deeper therapeutic intervention. 


Any information that Laurie A. Santos, a.k.a. Life Coach Laurie may provide is only general information and is not to be considered medical or legal advice. I understand that Laurie A. Santos is not a licensed therapist, psychologist or health care practitioner. I understand that in our sessions we may use techniques, such as EFT,  Reiki, Guided Visualization, and Magnetizing that address the energy system of the body.


Energy and Coaching methods are intended to complement, not replace, medical or psychological care. These methods include, but are not limited to EFT/Tapping, Reiki, Self-Reiki, Guided Visualization and Future Self Work. Laurie A. Santos, a.k.a. Life Coach Laurie is a Certified and Internationally Accredited EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Co-creative and Co-Active Coach, and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. She also has a Master of Science in Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. While there have been several scientific studies regarding the efficacy of EFT, Guided Visualization, NLP and Coaching, I still enter into our coaching agreement taking sole responsibility for my own health.


Through this agreement, I realize that Laurie A. Santos does not diagnose illness (mental or physical) or disease, and does not prescribe medications. I agree not to discontinue or change any medications I am taking while working with Laurie A. Santos without consulting my doctor or psychiatrist. 


I understand that EFT could bring about unresolved and distressing memories or  unhealed emotions, as well as, physical sensations into my awareness, and it is possible that painful memories may continue to come to the light even after a session has completed which could be an indicator of the need for additional sessions. Should I experience anything distressing or confusing, I will discuss them immediately with Laurie A. Santos. I also understand EFT is a gentle form of Coaching that allows me to address unresolved issues and I realize that I can even self-tap when I’m not in session with Laurie A. Santos as a means to help diminish any issues I’m working on. 


With EFT and by working with Laurie A. Santos, I also understand that the intensity of previously vivid or traumatic memories may completely vanish, and that oftentimes, this happens even with only one session. I understand that my sessions with Laurie A. Santos are considered completely confidential and are only recorded if I choose for them to be  so I can go back and refer to the session for my own mental health but I am not required to record any session if I do not want it to be recorded. Recording my sessions with Life Coach Laurie is entirely my choice.


I also understand that all information I share with Laurie A. Santos will never be released to any third party without my express written consent, with the following exceptions: 


+When there is imminent risk of danger to myself or another person. 

+When there is suspicion that a child or elder is being sexually or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse. 

+When a valid court order is issued for session records. 


I give Laurie A. Santos permission to describe the details of my sessions to her students, colleagues and mentors for training or supervision purposes only, as long as my personal anonymity is strictly protected. Laurie A. Santos may describe aspects of our sessions for training purposes and will never use my name. 


Any stories or testimonials about Life Coach Laurie/Laurie A. Santos shall never be considered a warranty, guarantee or prediction regarding any potential outcome of any person coaching/working with Laurie A. Santos. 


I also understand that if I cannot make a scheduled session, I must cancel within 24 hours. I also agree that if I fail to show up for any sessions, whether group tapping or one-to-one private sessions or if I fail to cancel within the 24-hour notice period, I forfeit my appointment and I will not be refunded for any missed appointments, no-shows, or failure to cancel in a 24-hour period. I also understand I can always reschedule or cancel any sessions before the 24-hour period directly in Life Coach Laurie’s calendar system, Setmore, at: www.lifecoachlaurie.setmore.com without having to notify Laurie A. Santos directly. The system will notify Laurie A. Santos that I have canceled or rescheduled my appointments when I do so. 



I understand that one-to-one sessions are 50  minutes each from the designated start time. Should I arrive late to the appointment, the end- time will still remain the same. Group tapping sessions are one hour in length, as well as, monthly group coaching program calls, such as Manifest with Heart and Manifest with Light.. It should be noted that group coaching programs like Manifest with Heart and Manifest with Light have each monthly call recorded in case students could not attend the Live session but they are only uploaded to the student dashboard for replay availability and are not for the public; only student-members (those who are enrolled in said programs) will have access to the replays.


I also agree that any  materials from any coaching programs I’m enrolled in through Life Coach Laurie such as, Manifest with Purpose, Manifest with Heart or Manifest with Light are for my use only and I agree not to duplicate this material nor share with others who have not paid for the use of it. 


I also understand that I can be involved in a mix of programs offered by Life Coach Laurie. I understand it is safe for me to participate in one-to-one sessions and monthly group tapping sessions, for example, and should I have any concerns I can always address them directly with Laurie A. Santos/Life Coach Laurie. 


During all sessions,  I agree to be in a safe and private space throughout the entire session time. I also agree I will not operate machinery during a session or drive any form of vehicle while in-session. 

I have read these terms and conditions. I understand them. I agree to all of the above and if I have any questions, I agree to address them directly with Laurie A. Santos, a.k.a. Life Coach Laurie.